50 Cent Slams California over Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance to Illegal Aliens: ‘What the F**k’

Rapper-actor 50 Cent slammed California over its decision to use taxpayer money to fund health care for illegal aliens.

“I don’t understand this, this it going to cost 2.6 billion dollars for tax payers,” 50 Cent said in a Wednesday Instagram post. “They don’t even give veterans health insurance. [MSNBC anchor Ari Melber] call my phone now, help me understand this shit. WTF.”

In his post, the rapper also included an image of California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), above a caption that read, “California Becomes First US State to Offer Health Insurance to All Illegal Migrants.”

On Monday, California expanded health insurance — under the state program known as Medi-Cal — to about 700,000 illegal aliens between the ages 26 and 49.

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