‘80s supermodel Carol Alt, 63, reveals her weight loss secrets for the New Year

Carol Alt is revealing her secrets to getting in shape for 2024.

The ‘80s supermodel, who recently joined OnlyFans, shared some tips and tricks to kick off any weight loss goals following the holiday season.

“Protein loading earlier in the day will make me feel more full,” the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl told DailyMail.com on Monday.

The 63-year-old noted that starting the day with a protein-packed shake will keep you feeling full longer during the day. And right before heading out, Alt likes to fill up on fruit, so she doesn’t feel the need to snack, especially when at a festive get-together with pals.

“The earlier protein loads me up, and the fruit tops me off,” said Alt. “That way I don’t overeat. Sometimes I might make it a fruit slushy or a fresh juice right before I leave.”

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