Biden Rejects Idea of Immunity Amid Trump's Legal Battle

President Joe Biden, speaking Saturday, expressed skepticism about presidential immunity in criminal prosecutions, the Washington Examiner reported. This statement coincided with former President Donald Trump’s appeal to a federal court to dismiss the Jan. 6 case against him, citing presidential immunity.

While Biden himself is under scrutiny for classified documents found at his Delaware home and at another location, no charges are expected against him, as he immediately cooperated with investigators. His son, Hunter Biden, faces legal issues related to tax investigations, with an arraignment scheduled for Jan. 11.

Since the 1970s, per Cornell Law, the Department of Justice has maintained a policy “that sitting presidents cannot be indicted as it would unconstitutionally prevent them from performing their duties as the head of the executive branch.” However, in a different vein, Biden is currently facing an impeachment inquiry.

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