Biden to double down on Jan 6 attacks on Trump as 'Bidenomics' message deflates

President Biden’s campaign is doubling down on Jan. 6-related attacks against former President Trump in the coming weeks following the poor performance of the White House’s “Bidenomics” messaging.

Biden will launch the new wave of attacks on Friday, framing Trump as a threat to democracy during a speech at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Senior campaign officials highlighted the location’s connection with George Washington and Trump’s attempts to cling to power, contradicting Washington’s willingness to step down from office, according to Axios.

“Over the last three years, MAGA Republicans haven’t shied away from the Big Lie — they’ve doubled down,” Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez told NBC News.

Biden has given speeches on the anniversary of Jan. 6 in both 2022 and 2023, but he refrained from mentioning Trump either time. He is expected to take a different approach on Friday.

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