Bill Barr Warns “Legal Failure” as Efforts to Disqualify Trump From Ballots Intensify

“The actions of Colorado and Maine, and other states that follow suit are not only doomed to legal failure, they also embolden and empower the former president,” says former Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday.

Barr added in his op-ed for The Free Press, “Trump feeds on grievance like fire feeds on oxygen.”

The former attorney general emphasized that the efforts to disqualify him on state ballots are “legally untenable, politically counterproductive and ominously destructive of our political order.” He called on the Supreme Court to immediately overturn these “foolish” decisions.

In December, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump should be out of the state’s ballot, upholding a decision already made by the lower court, for supposedly “engaging in insurrection.” The state SC cited the Fourteenth Amendment and emphasized that the MAGA leader violated these and is, therefore, disqualified from serving again as president.

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