Coons: All the Charges Against Trump Are ‘Well Founded’

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that he believed “all” the criminal charges against former President Donald Trump are “well founded.”

Anchor Ali Velshi said, “Let me show you what Donald Trump has said about this. He says, ‘We can’t have every four years there’s a cycle of political recrimination where one administration attacks the prior administration. We open the Pandora’s Box to political prosecution after political prosecution after political prosecution. In fact, Joe Biden could be prosecuted for trying to stop this man from becoming the next president of the United States.’ It’s nonsensical because that’s not actually how it’s worked. You’ve been in the Senate for a minute. In a functioning democracy, that doesn’t actually happen?”

Coons said, “What Donald Trump is trying to say there is that all of the cases against him are merely politically motivated, trumped up charges. I think in the end, the real judge of that will be the American electorate, but also a jury of his peers in several different actions. In state court, in federal court, some of these have economic consequences, the action in New York. Some of them have a personal or political consequence, the action in Georgia and the federal actions.”

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