Crime-fighting AI robocop is keeping an eye on New York’s subway riders

Riders on the subway in New York City might have noticed a new addition to the transit system: a robot named K5. 

K5 is a crime-fighting machine that is supposed to make the subway safer and more secure. 

But is it really a good idea to have a robot watching over us?

The crime-fighting robot by the numbers

K5 is 64.5″ tall and weighs in at 420 pounds. It looks like a giant cone with wheels. It has four ultra-HD (4K) cameras with complete 360-degree visibility, one thermal camera to detect differences in heat, LED Lights, 16 microphones, and an amplified PA speaker/horn. It moves autonomously and avoids obstacles and people with a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour. However, an officer accompanies the robot as it moves. It also comes with a docking station. 

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