Elon Musk Demands Election Security: Lack of Voter ID Laws ‘Insane’

X CEO Elon Musk is taking a public stand for stricter U.S. voting laws, calling for mandatory in-person voting requiring identification across all 50 states in multiple comments on his social media site.

The tech mogul has recently made multiple posts on the matter, writing on Monday that it is “insane” to be able to vote without providing official identification. 

“In the USA, you don’t need [a] government-issued ID to vote, and you can mail in your ballot,” he wrote. “This is insane.”

After being questioned on what could be done to fix the insanity, Musk said voting should work like purchasing alcohol. 

“We should require government ID and in-person voting (unless valid medical/ military/etc. excuse) like other countries do or like if you want to buy beer,” he wrote.

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