Introducing ‘Link History,’ Facebook’s Ominous Tech for Tracking Your Every Move

Facebook has recently launched a new feature called “Link History,” designed to keep track of all the links clicked by users within its mobile app. The technology is the latest demonstration of Mark Zuckerberg’s endless hunger to gather every speck of Facebook users’ personal data.

Gizmodo reports that Facebook’s new feature, “Link History,” is the latest addition to its vast library of data collection tools. This new feature automatically logs every link a user clicks within the Facebook app, storing it in a dedicated section in the app. While there is an opt-out option for users, the default setting is to collect this data which will mainly be used for enhancing targeted advertising.

While tech regulations are becoming more strict and companies such as Apple and Google are stepping up their privacy game, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta ( the parent company of Facebook and Instagram) seems to be continuing its usual plan of action to collect as much information on its users as possible. This move appears to be a strategic effort to preserve its data-collection focused business model in the face of growing privacy concerns and regulatory challenges.

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