iPhone Miraculously Survives 16,000-Foot Plunge from Alaska Air Flight

An iPhone reportedly plummeted 16,000 feet from Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 and astonishingly survived, intact and functioning.

Ars Technica reports that in a situation that sounds like something straight out of an Apple marketing video demonstrating the toughness of their phones, an iPhone survived a 16,000-foot drop from Alaska Airlines Flight 1282. The incredible story began when game developer Seanathan Bates stumbled upon an iPhone under a bush near a roadway. This discovery came after a terrifying incident on Flight 1282, during which the plane experienced an explosive decompression due to an accidentally dislodged door plug. Despite the terrifying situation, all passengers and crew were reported to be unharmed.

Bates was surprised to find the phone, not only because of its unexpected location but also due to its surprisingly intact condition. The phone was in airplane mode and had a 50 percent battery charge and a damaged charging cable attached.

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