Israel knows location of Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar, but he is using hostages as human shields: reports

The Israeli military knows the location of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar but has not launched strikes against him because he is using Israeli hostages as human shields, according to multiple reports in Israeli media.

Israel has been publicly searching for Sinwar in southern Gaza for weeks, with reports suggesting he is somewhere in Hamas’ labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city of Khan Younis. The IDF has refused to comment on reports that it knows the terrorist leader’s location, however.

“The reports coming out of Israel over the last two days echo what I have heard for a few weeks,” Jonathan Schanzer, vice president at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told The Times of Israel. “Namely, the Israelis have a good idea where Yahya Sinwar is hiding.”

Israel believes there are at least 133 Israeli and foreign hostages being held in Gaza, though it is unclear how many of them remain alive.

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