Jemele Hill Rages About Affirmative Action, Says Claudine Gay Was ‘Extremely Qualified’ to Be Harvard President

Former sports commentator turned DEI-supporting “social justice” writer Jemele Hill is indignant at “white people” in the wake of the resignation of unrepentant plagiarizer Claudine Gay from her role as Harvard University’s president with Hill’s proclamation that Gay’s predicament is because of “racism.”

Hill took to her X account on Tuesday to blast the “racism” she claims lies at the center of Gay’s plagiarism scandal.

“When white people are hired in any position, the automatic assumption is they were the best person. When Black people are hired, it’s assumed we got there because of affirmative action — which by the way doesn’t mean under-qualified. If affirmative action never existed, a lot of white people would still believe deeply in their own superiority because that is what they’ve been taught,” Hill railed in her January 2 X post.

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