More Than a Third of Americans say Biden’s Presidency was Illegitimate

A recent survey by The Washington Post and the University of Maryland exposed that more than one in three Americans believe that Joe Biden was illegitimately elected. This was a 7-point increase from the same poll conducted in 2021.

Numbers show that there was a 7-point (39 percent to 31 percent) drop among Republicans who believe that Biden was legitimately elected, a 6-point drop (72 percent to 66 percent) among Independents, and a 3-point drop among Democrats (94 percent to 91 percent). These numbers show how Trump has established himself as the GOP leader for the past three years, revealing that Republicans today are “increasingly loyal” to the former president.

The survey conducted from December 14 to 18 found that older Americans were “slightly more” receptive to Biden’s victory compared to younger voters.

Voters, especially young Americans, drop Biden over its persistent blunders — from the surge of illegal immigrants to his failed Bidenomics and the question of fraud and plunder.

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