Nolte: Director Promises Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie Will Be Feminist

Proving the Disney Grooming Syndicate will never change, the director of the next Star Wars has promised it will be a feminist movie.

Speaking to far-left CNN, director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said this of The Jedi Order, her upcoming sequel to The Rise of Skywalker: “I’m very thrilled about the project because I feel what we’re about to create is something very special. And we’re in 2024 now, and it’s about time that we had a woman come forward to shape a story in a galaxy far, far away.”

Oh, yeah, because that’s what Star Wars fans felt was missing from the Disney trilogy — feminism and a woman’s point of view. After all, remember how we all cheered during that laughably contrived moment in The Last Jedi when Oscar Isaac’s Poe violated everything that had established his character beforehand to become a symbol of the oppressive patriarchy.

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