Rep. Bost: Trump Fought For, Put America First, He Will Again

America’s veterans have won wars and defended our freedoms.

They’ve sacrificed at home and faced the prospect of their own mortality without flinching.

You can’t fool a veteran when it comes to knowing who’s fighting for them.

As a Marine and chairman of the U.S. House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I can safely say President Donald Trump has been America’s most consequential president in delivering results for our veterans.

Under the Trump administration, veterans were provided expanded access to care at the VA and in the community.

They had more choices and greater control over their healthcare than ever before.

President Trump signed into law a wholesale reform of the disability claims appeals process, ensuring that veterans who needed help and weren’t getting it could have their appeals resolved more quickly.

He also granted disability benefits for Vietnam-era Blue Water Navy veterans and doubled tele-mental health services.

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