Report: Amazon Internal Communications Reveal Anti-Israel Sentiments Among Employees

The Jerusalem Post claims that a whistleblower at Amazon has exposed a series of anti-Israel comments and pro-Hamas messages circulating within the company’s internal communication channels.

The Jerusalem Post reports that an Amazon whistleblower has revealed a string of anti-Israel and pro-Hamas sentiments among its employees on the company’s internal communications platform. The whistleblower — who allegedly works as a programmer at Amazon — stated that the comments were made in Amazon’s Slack channel, which boasts more than 3,000 members. Slack is a popular team communication platform used by many companies around the country.

The whistleblower further claimed that pro-Palestinian flyers depicting a watermelon shaped like Israel, symbolizing the replacement of Israel with an Arab Palestinian state, were disseminated in Amazon offices worldwide. The whistleblower further claimed that calls of “from the river to the sea” were also posted regularly in the Amazon Slack channel where employees attempted to raise funds for a Canadian affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide. Israel has banned this organization due to allegations of its financial support for Hamas.

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