Texas AG Slams White House, Biden Feeding Drug Cartels in Lack of Border Security

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton slams Biden for failing to address the overwhelming surge of migrants at the southern border in December.

Paxton remarked that with the worsening border crisis, the Department of Justice and the Biden administration are “aiding and abetting the cartels.”

Paxton said in his interview with Fox News last Sunday, “We’ve got the Biden administration, as I said, aiding and abetting the cartels, encouraging the cartels to make billions of dollars and to bring as many people here as fast as possible, and as soon as possible.”

The Texas AG slams Biden for “just not doing their job, but encouraging the opposite.”

“We’ve had enough, we’re gonna do something about it, and then they threaten us from enforcing our laws,” remarked Paxton.

His remarks come as the 15,000 migrant caravan approaches the US border, which adds up to the numbers last week that “broke records for monthly encounters”, as reported by Customs and Border Protection.

The CBP reported that there had been more than 276,000 migrant encounters just before December officially culminates.

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