Trump’s Name Will Appear on Colorado Primary Ballot as Legal Team Appeals Decision

Former President Donald Trump’s name will appear on the Colorado primary ballot as his legal team appeals the decision.

As Breitbart News reported last week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled “in a 4-3 opinion that the Constitution’s ‘Insurrection Clause’ prohibits former President Donald Trump from appearing on the ballot for the presidency in 2024.”

“The court found by clear and convincing evidence that President Trump engaged in insurrection as those terms are used in Section Three” of the Fourteenth Amendment, the ruling read.

The opinion partially reversed a previous ruling from Colorado District Court Judge Sarah Wallace, who ruled in November that the Fourteenth Amendment would not apply in the case of former President Trump, being that he is not an officer of the United States as was defined at the time of the amendment’s ratification following the Civil War.

On Thursday, Colorado’s Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, said that former President Trump’s name will now appear on the ballot as his legal team appeals the decision.

“With the appeal filed, Donald Trump will be included as a candidate on Colorado’s 2024 Presidential Primary Ballot when certification occurs on January 5, 2024, unless the US Supreme Court declines to take the case or otherwise affirms the Colorado Supreme Court ruling,” Jena Griswold’s office said in a press release.

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