Ukraine missile attack strikes Russian warship in Crimea, killing at least 1

A large Russian landing warship in Crimea was struck by cruise missiles launched by Ukraine overnight, killing at least one person, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday. 

The landing ship, called Novocherkassk, was hit at a base in the city of Feodosia by plane-launched guided missiles, the ministry said, and footage posted online shows a huge fireball rising into the night sky as a result of the attack. Further explosions detonating could also be seen as well as fires burning.

In addition to the fatality, four others were injured, according to the RIA news agency, Reuters reported.

The ministry added that two Ukrainian fighter jets were destroyed by anti-aircraft fire during the attack which took place at around 2:50 a.m. local time. It is unclear if the anti-aircraft fire caused injuries.

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