VIDEO – ‘Robot Takeover’: World’s First Completely AI-Powered Eatery Opens in California

The world’s first totally autonomous, artificial intelligence-powered eatery is now operating in Pasadena, California.

The restaurant called CaliExpress that offers customers burgers and fries opened its doors in December and requires reservations, Los Angeles Magazine reported Wednesday.

Cali Group, who created the shop located at 561 E. Green Street, joined with Miso Robotics to open the eatery.

The robotics company “previously launched the world’s first AI-powered fry station, and PopID, a tech company that utilizes biometrics for ordering—a triple collab the Terminator would be gleaming over,” the outlet said.

Video footage shows the robots working inside the building, and a News Nation reporter said, “This is like a whole new level of robot takeover inside restaurants.”

“It’s why much of the service workforce could soon become obsolete,” she added.

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