Zelenskyy says Ukraine can beat Putin's troops but needs Western high-tech help

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Wednesday argued that his forces can overcome Russia but requires stronger air defense systems as he seeks help from the Baltic States while the U.S. continues to stall on making stronger commitments to Kyiv. 

“Zelenskyy has put up a good fight against Putin,” Rebekah Koffler, a strategic military intelligence analyst and the author of “Putin’s Playbook,” told Fox News Digital. 

“Ukraine has been able to hold the line, for almost two years, against the Russian armed forces whom the Pentagon considers a ‘near-peer competitor’ to the U.S. military,” she argued. “It is now high time to think long term and save what’s left of his country, which was destroyed because of the lack of strategic planning in Washington, Kyiv and Brussels.”

“There is no more money for Ukraine, as the Pentagon admitted last Thursday, nor [is] there much military hardware to spare for Ukraine, as this war has been depleting U.S. weapons arsenals,” Koffler added. 

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